Discover the One-Flush Power of Mansfield Toilets

denaliNothing spoils a dinner party or a morningrush like a clogged toilet. It’s not exactly a problem you can put on the back burner!

Enter DenaliTM Power Flush toilets by Mansfield.

Built to exacting standards in the United States of America, owning a Power Flush toilet truly means fewer clogs.

Single-Flush Confidence

Engineered to exceed industry efficiency standards by 150%, Denali is top of the line when it comes to flushing power.

Superior performance means the Denali can move 1,200 grams of waste with just 1.6 gallons of water. A sixty-foot drain-line carry works to further prevent blockages once waste has left the commode.

How Does It Work?

According to Adriana Miller, product manager for Mansfield Plumbing, additional force begins by moving the water higher up in the tank.

As the water transfers through a 3” flush valve, it reaches peak velocity earlier than other toilets. Additional dual side jets strengthen the removal process for single-flush reliability.

Reduce Maintenance Bills

The benefits of owning a true one-flush toilet extend well beyond water savings and nasty discomfort.

Fewer clogs translates to fewer calls to the plumber. Over the long haul, fewer service calls will easily cover the cost of upgrading.

Contemporary Design

Offering smooth lines and feel, Denali Power Flush toilets offer an ideal combination of form and function at an affordable price.

Aesthetics are versatile enough to match bathrooms of any style, from traditional to modern.

Additional Benefits

Denali toilets are SmartHeightTM ADA-compliant, feature a comfortable elongated front and a bright, smooth PuraCleanTM glaze. The finish resists bacteria and is easier to clean than competitors. The tank features a pilot operated anti-siphon fill valve.

Included with the installation kit, a unique two-bolt tank-to-bowl SmartFastenTM system creates a leak-free connection through accurate alignment.

Mansfield Plumbing offers a limited lifetime warranty on their Denali line. Mansfield has been a producer of top-quality, high-design, performance plumbing fixtures and fittings for more than 80 years.

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