Designing a Bathroom That’s Safe for Kids

shutterstock_65999068Having young kids in the family brings a world of joy and energy to your household, but with little ones running about you must ensure the safety of your home.

Every year dozens of children in the United States drown in the bathtub, making the bathroom a priority for a safety overhaul. Add dangerous cleaning products, slippery floors and scalding hot water to the mix and you’ve got one small room with a host of serious hazards.

Poison Prevention

While ultra-harsh chemicals should be removed from bathroom cabinets entirely, even regular cleaning or beauty products present a danger.

Install cabinet and drawer clamps to stop kids from reaching into areas where potentially poisonous materials or sharp objects are stored.

Get a Grip

Place non-skid mats outside the tub or shower enclosure and adhere non-slip strips on the floor of the bathing surface.

Grab bars make it easier for kids to get in and out of the tub.

Protect Little Fingers

A quiet-close toilet seat offers a pair of benefits. The slow motion close action keeps tiny fingers from getting pinched and also foils older kids from slamming the seat down.

Plug all outlets with plastic safety guards.

Temperature Control

A smart shower system allows you to preset water temperatures to levels that are safe for children.

A number of different faucet technologies are available on the market which serve the same purpose:

  • LED lights warn users when the water is too hot to touch.
  • Touchless faucets with temperature memory.
  • Bathroom faucets that slow flow when water temperature exceeds dangerous levels.

If using a traditional bathroom faucet, be sure to select one that works with a single handle that is easy to reach. This provides children more control over water temperature and prevents them from only turning on the hot water.

Reach for the Sky

A short stepstool helps kids reach the sink or toilet without having to reach. This small boost helps prevent falls and makes the bathroom more user-friendly.

The Magic Wand

If your kids have a hard time sitting still while bathing, consider switching from a traditional shower head to a 2-in-1 or hand shower. The flexibility of a hand shower makes it easier to bathe children with less fighting and less hassle.

Starting From Scratch

When planning a complete bathroom renovation there are several decisions that will make the space kid-friendly today without sacrificing the long-term design:

  • Avoid countertops with sharp edges. Choose a material that is beveled and curved at the corners.
  • Install extra storage up high where young kids can’t reach. Use these cabinets for razors, scissors or potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • Lay non-slip tile.

Bathtub Safety

Many parents believe there is no harm in leaving a child unattended in the tub for just 1 or 2 minutes. After all, they’ll hear splashing and crying if there’s any trouble. But in truth, drowning is a silent killer. Victims make almost no noise at all. Until a child is old enough to bathe on their own, they must be under your watchful eye from start to finish.

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