Best Bathroom Upgrades Under $1,000

Although the average bathroom remodel cost falls between $9,600 and $11,000, it’s possible to remodel your bathroom on a lower budget without sacrificing quality. According to Angie’s List, even low-end remodels call for an investment of $2,500, but a cheaper bathroom upgrade can be accomplished in under just $1,000.

Here are some inexpensive remodel ideas you can achieve without breaking the bank.


Paint can breathe new life into outdated cabinets, make a space seem larger and can even help to modernize an old vanity. According to Sherwin-Williams, the 2020 Color of the Year is a rich blue called “Naval”, and the hue is perfect for a bathroom. Because many bathrooms are small, an average of 36 to 40 square feet, it can be intimidating to use a dark color. You can try using Naval in these ways without making the space too dark:

  • Use Naval on the vanity cabinets and a lighter shade on the walls.
  • Use Naval on only one wall to add an accent feature.
  • Paint bathroom shelves or décor Naval and set against a contrasting color like yellow or gray.

An added benefit of using the Color of the Year is that it pairs nicely with nearly any hardware, so you can purchase new pieces or use your existing components.

New Fixtures

The gold, brassy fixtures that were popular in the 90s can date a bathroom. Fortunately, this is an easy fix even on a tight budget. Matte gold bathroom fixtures can add a modern touch to an outdated bathroom and even pair nicely with the previously mentioned Naval blue. Brushed nickel is also a timeless fixture color that can be used to update your bathroom.

Updated Vanity and Mirror

Without changing any of the plumbing, you can renovate your bathroom by easily switching up the vanity and mirror. Whether you need a double sink for more functionality or a sleeker design to add space to the bathroom, a new vanity can completely change the room’s dynamic. You can also try adding a distinct frame to your current bathroom mirror for a custom look.

Modern Toilet

Older toilets are less energy efficient and can even be an eyesore. As toilets age, rust can cause color change, recurring clogs are more likely and the style can date your space. Replace your old toilet with a more economical choice from Kohler to modernize your bathroom.

Cabinet Hardware

One of the least expensive changes that brings the biggest impact is updating the bathroom hardware. From the cabinet handles and towel rack to the tissue holder and light fixture, choose a hardware color and design that works well with your paint color. Picking a shade that’s timeless will keep you from having to change it every couple of years.

If your bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover but your budget is limited, these tips can give you a new look without draining your wallet.

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