A simple guide to selecting the perfect bathroom sink

kohler-sinksSifting through the wide range of bathroom sink models available on the market these days is enough to make your head spin. They’ve each got a unique list of pros and cons and once you make a decision you’ll be living with your choice for quite some time.

We’ve put together an easy buying guide to help you pick out a sink with the perfect combination of form and function for your personal style.

A classic little space saver

Pedestal sinks are the traditional go-to sink and they’re great if you’re short on space. Keeping them sparkly clean is super easy as both the sink and base are ceramic and built to fit nicely together. Pedestal sinks are very common and come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

The downside to a pedestal sink is that everyone’s got one, so they’re lacking on wow factor. Since a pedestal sink is installed without a vanity, this also means less storage space.

Create a dramatic centerpiece for your bathroom

Vessel sinks are bowl shaped basins that mount on top of your counter. They come in a wide variety of materials that include marble, porcelain, copper and steel. Vessel sinks give your bathroom a chic, modern feel.

One challenge with vessel sinks is that you’ll need a countertop that’s specifically designed for installing one. Most plug-and-play vanities cannot be coupled with a vessel sink.

When you must have storage

Drop-in sinks fit into the hole in the countertop. They are one of the most inexpensive options and are relatively flexible as they fit into most types of cabinets.

Drop-ins are great for homeowners that like a large vanity in the bathroom with drawers for storage. Since a drop-in sink will always be installed in conjunction with cabinetry, your plumbing will be 100% hidden from view.

One problem that owners of drop-in sinks do encounter is that the caulking between the sink and the countertop can be difficult to keep clean.

Smooth lines and a contemporary look

An under-mount sink is often installed with solid surface (think marble) counter-tops. Under-mount sinks are easier to keep clean compared with drop-ins and they tend to have a more upper end feel.

The only real drawback of an under-mount sink is their lack of versatility. You’ll need to buy your countertop and sink concurrently to make sure that the measurements match up just right.

Perfect for the powder room.

Wall-hung sinks are mounted onto the wall with no countertop or cabinet below. This style of sink isn’t suitable for the master bath, but it’s a great way to make a tiny bathroom feel a lot more spacious.

While a wall-hung sink won’t allow for any storage, it offers the added benefit of off-the-floor cleanliness.

Console sinks are similar to a wall-hung sink but with two legs in front for stability. Console sinks are great if you’re looking to create an eclectic turn-of-the-century style in a more classic older home.

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