9 kitchen design blogs you need to be reading

You can never have too much inspiration when you’re designing the kitchen of your dreams. Here are nine kitchen design blogs that are sure to spark a bonfire of creativity in your soul.

Design ideas from across the pond

Magnet is a company based in the UK. Their motif is a subtle combination of chic and practical. If you’re thinking of a warm and comfortable urban design, kick your inspiration hunt off right here.

Museum quality concepts

Looking to infuse an artistic edge into your space? Check out Artful Kitchens. Run by a National Kitchen and Bath Association-certified kitchen designer, you’re sure to discover an imaginative twist to add to your remodel.

Something different

For fresh ideas and emerging trends, check out The Kitchen Designer. Author and designer Susan is openly obsessed with kitchens and you can tell by the quality of her posts.

Over 1.5 million ideas

The Houzz gallery is never ending. Refine your image search by style, location, price range, layout and more.

You can even search by types of cabinets, flooring or countertops to see how an individual design element plays out in situ.


HGTV believes that the kitchen is the heart of your home. Head to the HGTV blog for tips and ideas related to kitchen renovations as well as decorating.

Search by Hot Kitchen Topics and browse articles from their popular online magazine.

Real estate tastes

We bet you didn’t know that house pricing site Zillow also has a design blog, Zillow Digs.

Browse completed projects by color palette, style and budget. One of the great things about this blog is that every remodel image includes a price estimate. No more finding what you like and being left in the dark about the price.

Chock full of resources

Kitchen Design Ideas is a one-stop shop for photos, tips, color schemes, trends, planning and more.

Kitchenology 101

The Kitchenology blog offers dozens of helpful articles all broken down into a simple menu of options.

Definitely check out their “Ask a Designer” video series.

Interesting, off-the-beaten-path products

Modenus is the place to find high-end kitchen products you might not be familiar with, including unique ventilation, luxury ranges and ultra-modern styles that aren’t available elsewhere.

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