8 must-buy luxury shower accessories

When crafting the ultimate luxury bath experience, the devil is in the details. Even the slightest tweak can truly elevate your shower time enjoyment.

Get your credit card handy because we’ve put together a list of 8 must-have shower accessories you won’t want to bathe without!

1. Get a grip

There’s a reason why the old ‘80s-style fiberglass shower enclosures all included a simple plastic handle above the built-in soap dish. Having access to a grab bar makes it easier to balance and clean hard to reach places like the bottom of your feet.

Luckily designers such as Gedy’s of Italy have come out with a stunning contemporary grab bar that’s both useful and incredibly chic.

2. Dance to the music

Kohler’s Moxie showerhead is an ideal solution for the music lovers in your household – but if you love the shower head you’ve got you can always go with a waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker. The beauty of this nifty gadget is that you can sync up your phone and answer calls in the shower (unless they’re from the office—you can let those go to voice mail!).

3. Step into luxury

A high end floor mat like the ones for sale at ModoBath can make all the difference when you’re fresh out of the tub and looking to drip and dry.

Speaking of drying off, you can’t go wrong with lavish Turkish Cotton towels.

4. Unique stone soap dispenser

Labrazel Home is well-known for outside-the-box bathroom accessory designs. Once you feast your eyes on their chic marble Aztec soap dispenser you’ll see how one little dispenser can exude a world of class.

5. The beauty of alabaster

In 2016 nobody displays bathroom products in their original packaging. Instead of trying to work a Johnson & Johnson label into your motif, consider an upgrade.

If you’re the type who prefers the look of matching sets as opposed to mix-and-match in your bathroom, you’ll love this alabaster accessories set. Simple yet gorgeous.

6. The secret is out

No luxury bathroom is complete without a silky smooth silk robe or a fluffy soft cotton bathrobe.

For her, try Victoria’s Secret.

For him, Derek Rose.

7. Le Blanc Towelwash

Keep your bathroom linens soft, strong and absorbent with specialty Towelwash by Le Blanc, the foremost authority on high end laundry products.

Towelwash prevents fibers from drying out, fading or discoloring and works on Egyptian cotton, silk, bamboo and more.

8. It’s not for everybody, but it might be for you

The Ultimate Shower Dispenser is ideal for those who value a clutter-free shower space above all else. While you probably won’t see this organizational whiz kit featured in top design publications, it’s a slick device for those who don’t mind the Holiday Inn look in their private bathroom.

But hey, a word to the wise—don’t buy the Ultimate Shower Dispenser without checking in first with your significant other!

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