5 telltale signs it’s time for a new toilet

zac23334_rgbYou probably don’t give much thought to your toilet until something goes wrong, but years of use can cause it to not work as efficiently as it once did.

Keep an eye out for these signs it’s time to install a new commode.

1. Cracked tank

A constant drip or a puddle around your toilet may be more than just a slow leak—you could have a crack in your tank. If you can’t find the source of the leak, a plumber will help you determine where the water is coming from. Even if the toilet is functioning properly—flushing, refilling, not constantly running—a crack in the tank may be cause for a new toilet.

2. Aging toilet

If you’ve had the same toilet in your home for decades, it’s likely time for an upgrade even if it seems to be working. Older toilets tend to use much more water than new, efficient systems, like the Kohler line that uses only one gallon of water per flush. New technology allows toilets to use drastically less water in daily operation, saving you money on your monthly water bill.

While looking for the best toilet for your home, consider a dual-flush technology option, which allows your family to use a partial flush or a full flush, depending on the need.

3. Unsteady toilet

A rocking toilet should not be ignored. If your commode shifts or wobbles when you sit down, it’s time to call a plumber.

The repair could be as simple as tightening a few screws, or it could mean replacing damaged or rotting floor beneath the fixture.

4. Constant repairs

A few DIY repairs, a plumber visit or two and a couple of high water bills can quickly add up to more than the cost of a new toilet. Whether your toilet is constantly running or decades old, if you’re repairing it regularly or calling a plumber for a better fix, it’s time to invest in a new toilet.

5. Round bowl

Swapping out your round bowl toilet for an elongated seat will offer more comfort and could keep your toilet bowl cleaner. Kohler elongated models are designed for comfort, and if you’re concerned about the elongated version using more bathroom space, opt for the compact elongated version. Consumer reports also claim the elongated bowl stays cleaner longer and holds odors inside the bowl better than round seats.

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