5 reasons to include a dedicated shower in bath design

bath-shower comboHomeowners have long since utilized larger than average bathroom floor plans to install expansive vanities, his and her sinks or luxurious over-sized bathtubs. And all of these bathroom upgrades are fabulous additions to your home.

But recently there’s been a shift in trends as more designers are using this space to take the big “either/or” question out of the equation. Instead of choosing between a tub, shower or combination of the two, schematics are drawn out to make room for both: A relaxing “bath only” tub and a separate, dedicated shower enclosure.

If you’ve got the square feet to spare, here are 5 reasons why a dedicated shower makes a wonderful addition to your bath design.

1. Practicality

Mornings are busy and hectic enough as it is. With both a tub and shower, there will be no more waiting when you and your spouse are in a hurry and need to get ready for work.

The only drawback is that it’s a whole lot more difficult to drag yourself out of a cozy warm bubble bath and make your way to the office!

2. Convenience and relaxation

Deciding between a bathtub and a shower is perhaps the most nerve-racking issue homeowners stress over when contemplating bathroom renovation design. Both choices offer a series of advantages so it’s difficult to know which set of pros and cons is right for you.

But who says you can’t have it all?

A dedicated shower provides the convenience of quick and easy bathing when you’re in a rush while allowing access to the tub on days when you’ve got the time to truly unwind.

3. Resale value

Are you looking for a way to add wow factor to your home? Dedicated showers are still a relatively new concept so they tend to make an impressive impact on prospective buyers visiting your property.

It’s a well-known fact that most home sales are made in the bathroom and the kitchen. A dedicated shower gets you half way there!

4. Beauty and aesthetics

Bath/shower combos just simply aren’t as stylish as stand-alone tub models such as Kohler’s Iron Works Historic, Vintage or Birthday Bath.

Installing a separate shower affords you absolute freedom in choosing the tub model of your dreams. There will be no need to be concerned with how well the tub works with a shower attachment. By focusing on form over function the tub can truly serve as the centerpiece of the room.

5. Your dream shower

When shopping for showerheads to be used in conjunction with a bathtub, options are severely limited. With a dedicated shower enclosure, the sky’s the limit.

Craft the complete luxury shower experience with Delta’s Multi-Setting H2Okinetic In2ition two-in-one showerhead & handshower combo. Add further delights with body sprays and wall jets.

There’s no longer a reason why your dream shower must come at the expense of a bathtub. Adding a dedicated shower to your bathroom renovation plans gives you the best of both worlds.

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