5 gotta-have bathroom upgrades

Fleshing out the budget for your bathroom renovation project can be a stressful endeavor. Unless you’re “made of money” there are always difficult choices to be made as you decide how and where to allocate limited funds.

It’s vital to add 1 or 2 WOW-factor pieces to your schema, but which ones do you choose?

In this post we’ll make the decision making process a whole lot easier by sharing 5 fabulous bathroom upgrades for 2016 and beyond…and guess what? They don’t all cost an arm and a leg!

1. The bathtub is back with a vengeance

For a bathroom that screams luxury, a dedicated free standing tub just can’t be beat. It’s the simplest way to transform the room where you get ready for work into the space where you take a load off and relax after work.

If you’re into the simple yet sophisticated look, consider one of these gorgeous KOHLER free-standing tubs:

Iron Works Historic

kohler-1Today’s claw-toothed tub brings back refined antique class with a modern twist. Upgrades to this timeless style include ergonomic lumbar back support and a slip-free finish. Built with KOHLER® enameled cast iron, the Iron Works Historic supplies an iconic centerpiece for your bathroom.


kohler-2The perfect combination of price and quality. Stargaze provides all the bells and whistles of a luxurious free standing tub without the heavy price tag. Lumbar support on both sides makes it easy to draw a bath for two!

2. How about a smart showerhead?

The KOHLER Moxie wireless speaker showerhead is quickly becoming a must have for anyone who loves to feel like a rock star during their morning routine.

But even if you’re more the type to chill out to Mozart under the soothing pulse of hot water than you are to boogie-woogie at 6am, you’ll love Moxie’s smooth quality sound.

And what’s best – compared to off-brand shower speaker systems, what you get with KOHLER is crystal clear music along with a high-functioning rainwater style shower head.

3. Saile away with a truly modern skirted toilet

For decades the basic aesthetic look of the toilet changed very little. Nowadays homeowners are able to make a showcase statement with what was formerly the least interesting facet of the bathroom.

Seriously, who knew that a commode could be so sexy?

kohler-3KOHLER’s Saile® skirted one-piece elongated dual-flush toilet is like something out of a futuristic home décor magazine. The skirted sides hide drain pipes while the one-piece design is crazy easy to keep clean. Dual-flush functionality saves you tons of water each and every year, which is great for the environment AND your pocket book.

4. Boutique vanities

Remember when a bathroom vanity meant oak, six drawers, two doors and a faux marble laminate countertop?

Say “Arrivederci!” to boring vanities and upgrade to a style that’s truly unique.

Whether you go vintage or contemporary, the selection of uber-stylish vanities available on the market these days is really something else.

5. A simple, yet lavish treat

For just $99.99 you can add five-star luxury to your bath or shower experience with Brookstone’s popular towel warmer.

Heck, you don’t even need to wait for your renovation project to finish to enjoy the wonderful indulgence of being greeted with warm, fluffy towels as you step out of the bath. Once you make the leap you’ll wonder how you endured so many years without this fantastic device!

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