5 Bathroom Renovations to Leave to the Pros

Remodeling a bathroom can involve some heavy lifting. Depending on your ambitions, you may need to include electrical or plumbing work, which can be dangerous for a DIY project.

As you plan your renovation, you’ll consider a number of ways to trim the budget, but tackling some of the work yourself, should not make the list.

Here are five bathroom renovation tasks that should definitely be handled by the professionals.

Structural Changes

Plan on taking a foot off the bedroom to expand your master bath? That’s a job best left to a licensed and insured contractor. Structural changes can impact numerous parts of your home, and if not handled appropriately, can create a dangerous environment. Whether you’re planning to add a walk-in closet or want the toilet to be move to the opposite side, don’t attempt changes to the home’s structure yourself.


Changes to the plumbing in your home will likely require a permit. The job itself is intricate, so you should hire a professional plumber who can better avoid other pipelines and damage to the walls. Changing the location of the shower, replacing corroded pipes or repairing a leaky pipe all fall under the category of hiring a professional.


Upgrading your bathroom may involve radiant floor heating or installing a light fixture in a new location. Either way, when it comes to electrical wiring or rewiring, turn to a professional electrician. Again, permits may be needed for this project, and a licensed electrician should know how to obtain the necessary paperwork. In addition to code violations, DIY electrical work puts you at risk of electrical shock and your family and property at risk of fire.

Window Addition

There’s really nothing better than natural light pouring into a small space. If part of your bathroom reboot includes adding a window, it’s time to call a professional contractor. Window additions to your home must be precise. If not done correctly, the window could cause you to lose hot or cold air, increasing your monthly utility bill. If you go to sell the house in the future, the faulty installation may be noted by the home inspector.

Half To Full Bathroom

Can any home really ever have enough bathrooms? If you plan to expand your half-bath to a full, the scope of work might likely involve several tasks already mentioned on our list. From the very beginning of this project, involve a reputable contractor to help facilitate renovating.

The National Association of Realtors reports the average bathroom remodel costs about $16,724 with a return on investment (ROI) of 70 percent. Make the safe move to hire the professionals now and enjoy the ROI later.

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