10 quick and colorful kitchen upgrades

colorful kitchenWhen you’re ready to raise your kitchen to a whole new level, visit our 3,500 square foot showroom to peruse the finest collection of contemporary and classic sinks and faucets in Westchester County. At Consolidated Plumbing, we’re master distributors for top manufacturers such as Kohler, Brizo, Delta and Newport Brass.

In the interim, take a look at these quick and easy tips for adding a splash of color to the most important room in the house (for foodies, at least):

  1. Buy the only trash can you’ll ever love

The simplehuman® 8 gal. Retro Step Can from the Container Store comes in red and is a surefire way to add retro flair and a burst of color to your kitchen.

Sure, it might seem like a head scratcher to shell out a hundred bucks for a garbage can, but this one is no ordinary trash receptacle. The proprietary lid shox® air suspension system controls the lid for a smooth, silent close and bag tuck® technology hides your bag when the can is shut.

Get one and thank us later.

  1. Take a walk on the wild side with patterned dish towels

Toss out those tattered old dish towels and upgrade to bright prints from Anthropologie or Crate & Barrel.

A collection of quality dish towels look great folded neatly across a wooden display rod.

  1. Hang a unique glass pendant light

Not all kitchen additions need to be practical. Check out the amazing collection of pendant lights over at shadesoflight.com and install your favorite just for the heck of it.

  1. Pick up a colorful kitchen mat

Not all kitchen accessories need to be designer made.

Threshold™ from Target offers a wide selection of imaginative kitchen mats for just twenty bucks! At that price you can pick two up and gift the spare to your mother-in-law in exchange for brownie points.

  1. Empty jars + mason lids = quick and easy accessory

Store colorful foods such as popcorn, children’s cereal and jelly beans in clear glass jars on the countertop.

For added effect, pick up designer decals off etsy.com.

  1. Screw eyehooks under your cabinetry to display vibrant coffee cups

This is a DIY project that even the least handy homeowner can successfully undertake.

Pick up half a dozen or so white eyehooks from Home Depot and screw them into the underside of a cabinet or shelf. Select out your most lively mugs from the cabinet and hang them on display.

  1. Energetic canisters from Pfaltzgraff

Go ahead and get caught with your hand stuck in the cookie jar. Pfaltzgraff sells unique kitchenware and accessories that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

  1. Order the world’s most fantastically awesome Crock Pot

The Crock-Pot® Cook ‘N Carry® 5-Quart Manual French Bull Slow Cooker was designed by iconoclastic designer Jackie Shapiro.

This is seriously the only small kitchen appliance you’ll never want to hide behind closed doors.

  1. An oldie but goodie

Colorful contact paper transforms drab shelves and drawer inserts into kitchen features in minutes flat.

Chicshelfpaper.com sells hundreds of designs you’ve never seen before. These guys are truly the crème de la crème of sticky paper for your shelves!

  1. Jar candles from Yankee Candle

Double down with colorful candles featuring true to life scents that transform your house into a home.

We hope you didn’t read this post with your credit card handy or you might have a lot of explaining to do!


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